Steinhart Ocean One Review

Steinhart Ocean One Review

Steinhart Ocean One Review

Steinhart Ocean One Watch Steinhart Ocean One Watch[/caption]

Straightaway I would like to turn off all those who will complain about Steinhart. Yes, this is quite an interesting company, and some models might remind about more expensive counterparts. Watches from them still look good and worth talking about. Here is the new model—Steinhart Ocean One 39. The last number means precisely what you thought—its case size. Let’s take a closer look.

Steinhart Ocean One Sizing Is Smaller Better?

I know, there are many guys today with thin wrists who would like to have a nice watch. Well, the Steinhart Ocean One 42 mm might look too big, and therefore the German watchmaker decided to reduce it by 3 mm. Such a decrease should make a model attractive not only for men but also for some women. Yes, some ladies would like to have a nice diver without looking too masculine. Well, Steinhart definitely targets this group, and you will see why further in this article.

Steinhart Ocean One Watches

Steinhart Ocean One Design?

As for the overall design of the Steinhart Ocean One, there is nothing changed in the silhouette of this diver model, so it should be easy to recognise. This is stainless steel, and it will be silly to expect something like a titan for such a price. What is surprising is the weight of this small case. Even with its 39mm size Steinhart Ocean One 39 weight is a hefty 170 grams. It’s like an iPhone in your wrist! Well, it's extra weight is appreciated in a case of such a nice watch. I won’t say that it’s excessive or hard to bear, even though some women might feel uncomfortable.

Steinhart Ocean One Innovation

I wrote above that the new model is finished in a traditional style, right? Steinhart decided to give it a bit of distinctive touch and introduce new dials on the new model. This time you can get it in white color and mother-of-pearl dial. Should I say that such a version might be attractive for ladies? Keep in mind that almost all color options bezel is ceramic. They supply only a green watch with an aluminium bezel, so I would be careful with scratching it. Maybe that’s why it’s the cheapest one in the new model range? The top is covered with sapphire glass, another nice feature. You might see that iconic “cyclops eye” is preserved herein and placed right above the date window.

Steinhart Ocean One Inside Parts

Inside the owner will find an ETA-2824-2, a very nice automatic movement component. This type is well known among watch fans. If you look carefully, don’t be surprised to find it in more expensive models from some famous manufacturers. The Steinhart Ocean One's power reserve equals to 40 hrs, what is ok for such price tag. Don’t expect transparent case back —watch closed with a metal part, so you won’t be able to appreciate beauty of the inner structure.

Steinhart Ocean One Watch at Night Steinhart Ocean One Watch at Night

Is the Steinhart Ocean One Worth buying?

The newcomer is already available on the official Steinhart website. There will be guys and girls who will appreciate the classic looks of Steinhart Ocean One 39. If you look through its features and the price tag—it will be even more attractive. Another important thing—there are few watches that can compete with this model. Don’t forget that other companies try to go into a bigger format, so it’s good to see that at least somebody makes a move in the opposite direction. I hope that soon we will test this watch and share our opinion with you.

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