Although it is one of the omitted manufacturers and brands in the United States, Muela Knives produces some of the highest quality hunting and tactical knives in the world.

The company was created by Eladio Muela about 50 years ago, starting out as a small artisan shop committed to producing finely crafted and highly functional knives. Today, they maintain those same standards of quality construction by incorporating the latest technology to produce some of the strongest stainless steel blades available known to man.

They make these blades of Martensitic steel, named after its creator, Adolf Martens. Because of an alloy construction containing higher proportions of chromium and having a carbon content of less than 1%, these blades are highly resistant to corrosion and have a hardness value of between 54 and 58 on the Rockwell hardness scale. This makes them not only durable but allows them to maintain their sharp edge comparatively longer than standard carbon steel knives.

Muela Hunting Knife Construction

Muela hunting knives all feature thoughtful construction aspects across the range, with blade designs and details that not only fit the intended use of the knife but aid in its ability to outperform other knives that they compete against in the market. Many of the knives in this Muela hunting knife review feature red stag antler handles, which give them a distinctive look and where designed to be very strong.

All Muela hunting Knives come with a custom made red stag leather sheath that has a heavy-duty stitching that won't fail on you when you need it most. These knives come with a lifetime warranty, however, they're well known as a knife that you would be able to pass onto your children or grandchildren.


Muela Hunting Knives Muela Viper Model - Consumer Files

In a highly functional Muela hunting knife, it doesn't get much better than the Muela Viper. This knife strikes a perfect balance between utilitarianism and aesthetics with a very versatile blade.

It has an up swept drop point blade with a swage and gut hook. This combination makes it the only knife you need when hunting.The up sweep of the blade provides that extra length that is so beneficial when skinning.

The drop point makes it easier to sheath this knife while the swage provides a good point that can great for piercing when needed.The beveling on the knife is at a great angle, this provides strength and a good point.

Including the gut hook in the Viper model is a bonus, as it makes for the easier field dressing with less chance of damaging meat or hide -if you know how to use a gut hook properly.


They make the blade on this knife of the same highly durable martensitic steel common among Muela hunting knives. This is a stainless steel alloy made of 440 chrome, vanadium, and molybdenum that is more resistant to corrosion than other stainless steels. It's also very strong which allows it to stay sharp longer - increasing the life expectancy of the knife as you won't have to sharpen or hone it often.

The handle of the Muela Viper knife features a solid brass guard. They make the handle of red stag crown antler. The blade measures 4 3/8 inches long, with an overall length of 9 1/4 inches. It comes with a custom made red stag leather sheath with tough stitching to last almost as long as this knife can for you.


Muela Hunting Knives Muela Bison

If you're looking for a good all-purpose hunting knife, but want something with that deeper ground belly that makes skinning easier than many others the Muela Bison is a great choice. It features a swaged clip point blade, which produces a stronger point that is still easy to sheath.

The swage provides a sharper point and strengthens the point as well. The deeper belly allows for longer and smoother strokes that allow you to more quickly and easily skin an animal.

Like the other blades in the Muela hunting knife family, the Bison features a blade constructed of tough martensitic steel that will withstand even the roughest beating your hunting season may throw at it.


Its blade is 3 3/4 inches long with a full tang extending through the length of its red stag antler handle. The total length of this knife is 7 1/4 inches long. It weighs about 7 ounces, making it a lightweight knife with just enough heft that it fits comfortably in your hand.

It comes with a genuine red stag leather sheath with heavy-duty stitching as per their whole line up of knives. There is a lanyard hole at the end of the handle, with a metal insert that increases the durability. It comes with a length of leather cording already strung through the lanyard hole which is very convenient for the buyer.​


Muela Hunting Knives Muela Colibri

The Colibri is one of Muela's oldest designs and is truly a great all purpose hunting knife. Its blade is only 2 7/8 inches long which makes it legal to have as an everyday carry knife.

The blade features a drop point with single edge that is hollow ground. Older versions of this knife had a noticeably thinner blade that was flat ground, so this is an improvement that only makes this already impressive knife that much better.

That drop point makes this a multi-functional knife that you can carry confidently on you knowing that it can handle almost any job you face.


Also, thanks to the martensitic stainless steel construction and full tang common in all Muela hunting knives, this Muela Colibri knife will make a treasured keepsake that you can look forward to passing on to the next generation of hunters in your family.

It has the standard red stag antler handle, while the previous version of this knife had thinner wood scales. There is also a lanyard hole at the end of the handle with brass reinforcement to add to its overall durability of this element of the knife. It comes pre-strung with leather cording and comes with a matching, custom-made red stag leather sheath.​


Muela Hunting Knives Muela Magnum 26

The Muela Magnum Bowie is the king of all Bowie knives, it was made famous by the movie "Seraphim Falls." It has a 10 3/4 inch blade made of martensitic steel.

We know this alloy for having exceptional strength, toughness, and corrosion resistance. As they make it with less than one percent of carbon and tempered in the manufacturing process, it will provide you with years of faithful service, regardless of how heavy you use it out in the bush.

Its blade is a grade 440 martensitic steel with a hardness range between 54 and 58 on the Rockwell hardness scale.

The total length of this Muela Magnum knife is 16 3/4 inches, and it packs heft. This is the quintessential mountain man knife. So when you're looking at a Muela Magnum 26 on sale, the question you need to ask yourself isn't whether this knife is too big but if you're man enough to wield it.


They make the handle of this blade like the rest of the range from the antler of a red stag and features a brass stamp on the end of the handle depicting a hunting dog running down a large boar. Like the stamp, the guard is also solid brass. The knife also comes with a full grain red stag leather sheath.

There are two smaller models available: the Magnum 23, which has a 9-inch blade and an overall length of 14 inches, and the Alcaraz 22, which has a 8 5/8 inches long blade and 13 5/8 inches overall length.

Note that neither the Magnum 23 and the Alcaraz 22 have a crown antler handle (however they have a red stag antler handle) nor do they have the decorative brass stamp on the handle end. ​


Muela Hunting Knives Muela Apache Knife

The Muela Apache  is a very practical member of the Muela Bowie knives family.

It provides all the heft you need for it to be functional, but in a slightly smaller size that makes it far more nimble and manageable.

The blade measures 7 1/2 inches long and is manufactures using martensitic steel -a durable stainless steel that is better able to resist corrosion and maintains a sharp edge for a longer time period.

The blade differs slightly from other Bowie blades in the range in that rather than a swaged clipped point; it features a swaged trailing point.

The deep beveling adds strength while preserving that very sharp cutting point, making this knife still suitable for tactical use as all Bowie knives must be.

That trailing point gives this blade a deeper belly while the blade edge has a slight recurve. Most Bowie knives have a swaged concave clipped point, which results in a straight blade edge. This difference makes the Muela Apache better suited as a hunting knife as it will be more effective in skinning an animal than being used for tactical purposes.


The total length of this Muela Bowie knife is 12 7/8 inches. It has a solid brass guard and a red stag antler knob handle that provides a comfortable grip. The end of the handle features a lanyard hole that has a reinforced internal whole for durability. It comes pre-strung with leather cording with an antler point added for decoration.

The deep beveling of this knife makes it a very attractive piece, especially when combined with the antler handle. This is a knife suitable for everyday use and when being displayed.


Muela Hunting Knives Muela Gredos

The Muela Gredos is one of the more affordable of the Muela Bowie knives yet still offers the high performance and durability that you expect from a Muela hunting knife.

It has a blade length of 6 1/4 inches, which means it won't draw so much attention should you forget you have it strapped to your belt and venture into civilization.

The blade uses martensitic steel, which is known for its strength and also known for its ability to maintain a sharp edge. Whilst not having to sharpen the blade frequently only adds to the life expectancy of this knife.

Typical of Bowie knives, it has a swaged clipped point. This produces a sharp yet strong point that makes it functional for piercing and slicing.

The Gredos has a solid brass guard complemented by a red stag antler handle. There is a brass-fitted lanyard hole at the end of the handle and it comes pre-strung with leather cording.

Also strung onto the leather cording is a red stag antler point that adds a nice rustic looking touch to this knife. It measures 10 3/4 inches overall and weighs about 13 ounces.


This knife may not have all the flash that some other Muela Bowie knives has, but it makes up for it in being a highly functional and utilitarian knife that gets the job done. What more do you need from a knife?

There are more than a few Muela skinning knives available, but we really love the Muela Sabueso-11S. This skinning knife has an overall length of 9 inches with a 4 1/8 inches long blade.

That blade has a deep, sweeping belly that allows for longer strokes. The arcing shape of the blade is more efficacious to skinning than a straight-edged blade as it works with your natural movements to produce clean cuts with less effort. The blade on this Muela hunting knife resembles trappers knives, yet has a trailing point with swage.

This allows a sharp but piercing point that allows for survival and general hunting use of this knife. The thicker spine produces a heavier blade with more meat left at the tip to support the bevel of the swage without comprising the structural integrity of the blade.

Muela Hunting Knives Muela Sabueso

A thoughtful design that lends this blade extra durability, while not compromising its functionality, is the use of 440 martensitic steel renowned for its toughness and ability to resist corrosion. Paired with a handmade red stag crown antler handle and you've got yourself a skinning knife you'll be proud to pass onto your grandkids when you finally hang up your hunting hat.

This knife also comes with a red stag leather sheath to compliment the artisan quality of this knife.


Muela Hunting Knife - Sioux Knife

The Sioux is another beautiful addition to the Muela hunting and skinning knife family. It features the same durable blade construction using martensitic steel.

This steel contains less than 1% percent of carbon which makes it highly resistant to corrosion and is durable. It affords a strong blade that will last for generations with proper care.

The Muela Sioux features an up swept drop point blade with swage, which brings additional benefits to this skinning knife not found in other Muela knives. That up sweep affords a good belly on the blade which allows for longer strokes despite the compact 4 inches long blade.

The drop point makes it easier to sheath and unsheathe this knife quickly and ensures greater life expectancy of the leather sheath as you don't have to navigate around the trailing point as found in the Sabueso model.

This means you can keep your eyes on your surroundings or on what you're working on. The swage on the drop point also affords greater versatility to this blade, allowing you to use it for general hunting and not just for skinning.


The Sioux also features a beautiful wood handle with a full tang. They make the handle of Pakka wood which has high contrasting and rich hues that make this knife stunning yet practical. The end of the handle has a hole that allows you to attach a lanyard or leather cording to better secure it to your belt or loop around your wrist.​

The Muela Sioux has a total length of 8 1/2 inches and comes with a custom-made leather sheath.​


Don't let the name fool you! The Muela Mouse is a heavy duty knife customized for skinning, as reflected in its size and shape. It has a 3 inches long blade with a deep belly and a swaged trailing point. This distinctive shape makes it excellent for skinning as the deep belly allows for longer strokes despite a shorter blade length.

That heavy sweep better follows the natural movements you'll make while skinning on your hunting excursions.Allowing for easier control and more effective strokes of the blade. The double beveling of the swage creates a point that maintains its strength thanks to a thick heavy blade. Beings made of Muela customary heavy duty martensitic stainless steel. This highly effective design makes it your go-to knife for skinning or caping activities whilst on your hunt.

Muela Hunting knife - Muela Mouse


It features a full tang with red stag antler scales, however;It is also available with highly contrasting pakka wood scales. Both the antler and wood handles feature a reinforced lanyard hole and are pre-strung with a length of leather cording.

It measures 6 inches in total length and comes with its custom made red stag leather sheath.


In looking at just a handful of Muela hunting knives, it becomes painfully clear that this is a brand that deserves much more attention that it gets in the hunting markets. They assemble each Muela hunting knife with handmade handles and blade designs that reflect a deep understanding of their intended use. The high-quality construction and durability of the blades and handles make for a knife you'll look forward to passing down the line through your family after years of faithful service.

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