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Emerald Cut Lab Grown Diamond 1.71 Carat E/VS2

Emerald Cut Lab Grown Diamond 1.71 Carat E/VS2

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This Emerald Cut Lab-Grown Diamond is just under 2 Carats and has a very high Colour / Clarity combination. It is a Criss Cut Emerald, which is very unique and sparkles more than a normal Emerald. This Diamond comes with Full Certification from the Internationally Recognized Laboratory, I.G.I Laboratory. An Image of the Certificate is attached.

This size is often referred to as an Oversize Diamond due to the fact that visually it will look the same as a 2 Carat without being priced like a 2 Carat. It is still priced in the 1.50-1.99 Fancy Category. Oversize Diamonds are very sought after as you are, in essence, buying a 2 Carat for the price of 1.5, if that makes sense.



1.71 Carat Emerald Cut, E Colour, VS2 Clarity.

Measurements 8.1mm length x 5.7mm width x 3.6mm depth

Excellent Polish / Excellent Symmetry

To view the lab certificate please click here

To view the full 360' view of this stone please click here

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