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Oval Cut Lab Grown Diamond 1.30 Carat E/VS1

Oval Cut Lab Grown Diamond 1.30 Carat E/VS1

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This Oval cut lab grown diamond is exactly 1.30 carat and has a very high Colour / Clarity combination. This diamond comes with full Certification from the Internationally recognized Laboratory. I.G.I Laboratory , image of certificate is attached.

This size is often referred to as an over size diamond due to the fact that visually it will look the same as a 1.5 carat without be priced like a 1.5 carat. it is still priced in the 1.00-1.49 category. over size diamonds are very sought after as you are in essence buying a 1.5 carat for the price of 1.00 carat if that makes sense.



1.30 Oval Brilliant Cut, E Colour, VS1 Clarity.

Measurements 7.4mm length x 5.0mm width x 3.1mm depth

Excellent Polish / Excellent Symmetry

To view the lab certificate please click here

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