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Regent 12 Piece Cabinet Winder

Regent 12 Piece Cabinet Winder

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Regent 12 Piece Cabinet Winder

Introducing the Regent 12 Piece Cabinet Winder, the zenith of watch winding luxury. Designed for aficionados boasting distinguished collections, this grand cabinet delivers precision winding for up to 12 timepieces.

Key Features:

The Regent Cabinet Winder does more than just keep your watches ticking; it celebrates them. With capacity for a dozen timepieces and state-of-the-art winding technology, it serves as a luxurious repository that both protects and showcases your collection.


  • Advanced multi-watch winding
  • Individualised settings for up to 12 watches
  • Sumptuous wooden exterior
  • Lockable, glass-fronted cabinet
  • Mains power supply with backup options
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